Major Carriers Refuse to Cover Man-made Earthquakes

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Seismologists at the U.S. Geological Survey recently warned that the ongoing earthquake swarm in central-Oklahoma is likely to continue, could get worse, and might be linked to wells oil and gas companies use to store drilling waste-fluid deep underground.

In response, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak advised Oklahomans to buy earthquake insurance. However, some major carriers are refusing to cover damage from man-made earthquakes. Companies like Geico announced that they are refusing insurance coverage for any damage caused by man-made earthquakes – such as those caused by fracking, injection and drilling.

Further, most standard home insurance policies do not cover damage from earthquakes at all. It is estimated that as few as 15% of Oklahomans are covered.

The good news is that not all companies are denying coverage. Midlands Management Corp., a company based in Oklahoma City, offers an earthquake policy that will cover all seismic events – natural and man-made – for a low premium.

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