Company overview

Midlands Management Corporation® is a managing general agent, wholesale broker, program administrator and insurance services provider with specialty in excess workers’ compensation.

Industry Expertise & Experience.

Midlands has been a leader in wholesale brokerage for more than 25 years.  Our extensive knowledge of the industry affords us the ability to respond to a broad spectrum of risks, and we have established a wide area of expertise including contractors & construction, transportation, property, employers’ coverages and hospitality.

Solution Driven.

We’re here to protect you and your clients’ critical financial assets by constantly anticipating change and redirecting solutions to benefit you.  As a unique, privately owned organization our proprietary programs maximize efficiencies and facilitate communication to reduce the total cost of risk.

Enduring Principles.

Midlands is shaped by its values.  The result is stability, security and an impeccable reputation.


In the last 25 years we have forged solid relationships with the world’s leading, admitted and non-admitted carriers.  Our unique market arrangement is a competitive advantage for agents, who benefit from extensive market access, exclusive markets and competitive premiums that cannot be duplicated.

Statement of Ethics

As employees of Midlands, its subsidiaries and affiliates we hereby recognize that the overall corporate ethics of Midlands is to be “beyond reproach” in all of our dealings with our clients, community, vendors and fellow employees. In keeping with this ethical mandate we agree to the following:

  • We will act in the utmost good faith while dealing fairly and equitably with all parties involved in any transaction.
  • We will maintain confidentiality of all business transactions and information held in trust on behalf of our clients and fellow employees.
  • We will communicate with clients any potential conflict situations and at all times avoid situations whereby the interest of our clients and the interest of Midlands do not coincide.
  • We will continue to enhance our technical skills essential to the individual employee’s position within the Midlands Group through continuing education programs fully supported by Midlands.
  • We will strictly adhere to all statutory and regulatory requirements within our industry and keep fully informed of revisions regarding same.

We will treat all parties with respect, fairness and honesty while pursuing an ideal of service that transcends self-interest.

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