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Accidents can happen on the job – even at the safest workplace.  Your clients need comprehensive workers compensation coverage to protect their greatest assets – their people and their businesses.  Our dedicated underwriting team has the expertise and experience to deliver the right workers compensation coverage for a competitive rate for small to medium-sized risks.


  • Minimum premiums as low as NCCI minimums
  • E-Mods from .60 – 1.75 available
  • Multi-state solutions
  • New ventures considered
  • Competitive commissions
  • Flexible premium payment plans, including pay-as-you-go
  • Endorsed by the Oklahoma Restaurant Association and Central Oklahoma Manufacturing Association
  • Ineligible risks: staffing & PEO, cranes, roofing, work at heights over 2-stories, long-haul trucking
  • 10% discount when Workers Compensation and BOP (not available in TX, AK, LA, MS, FL, GA, VA, MD) bound
  • Designed to support companies, promote employee safety and get personnel back to work quickly
  • Proven claims management processes deliver best outcomes
  • Risk management services available


Retail • Hotel • Restaurant • Auto Body • Artisan Contractors • Healthcare • Church/School • Barber Shop • Transportation • Auto/Truck Dealer • Retail • Clerical • Carpentry • Grocery • Machine Shops • Landscaping • Country Club/Golf • Dry Cleaners • Auto/Truck Repair • Day Care • Florist • Law Office • Light Manufacturing • Oil & Gas


Email the following to

  • Completed ACORDs 125 & 130
  • Detailed description of applicants’ operations and exposures
  • Federal Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Expiring Carrier, program structure and premium/rate
  • Requested renewal structure, target premium and quote due date
  • Identification of TPA and their length of service for the Applicant
  • Current Experience Modification Factor and rating worksheet if available
  • Five years minimum loss runs required and valued within three months of inception to include:
    • Loss runs or loss summaries by policy year of “ground up” data including total incurred, total paid, expenses, open vs. closed and claim count breakout (medical only & lost time).
    • Detailed breakout of all losses including injury description and result.


Kelly Lang
(972) 588-2048