Excess Workers Compensation | Excess WC Coverage

Catastrophe is inevitable. Because millions are on the line, more brokers and agents turn to Midlands Management Corporation® for world-class excess workers compensation coverage. As one of the leading providers of excess WC coverage in the nation, for more than 25 years, Midlands has a proven track record of success from underwriting and policy service to claims and risk management. Turn to the excess workers compensation experts for comprehensive and industry-leading excess WC coverage and innovative services.

excess workers compensation highlights

  • Minimum Premiums Individual: $75,000
  • Minimum Premiums Groups: $100,000 (includes pools, trusts & associations)
  • Employer’s liability: up to $5m in limits
  • Aggregate coverage available
  • Minimum specific retention $450,000
  • Claims management: excess WC coverage is flexible to work with most TPAs including self-administration
  • Limits up to statutory
  • Flexible premium payment plans
  • Risk Management: Our approach integrates clinical resources and business intelligence to deliver superior and measurable results. Our excess WC coverage includes, but not limited to:
    • Training – on-site, webinars and/or streaming videos
    • Comprehensive loss analysis
    • Hazard assessment
    • Accident investigation
  • Claim Management: best outcomes via proven claims management processes, including the catastrophic and complex


Transportation • Public Entities • Special Districts • Utilities • Auto Dealers • Contractors • Financial Institutions • Schools • Healthcare • Religious Institutions • Agriculture • Hospitality • Specialty Artisans • Manufacturing • Retail • Wholesale


Each excess WC coverage application should include the following:

  • Detailed description of applicants’ operations and exposures
  • Federal Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Expiring Carrier, program structure and premium/rate
  • Requested renewal structure, target premium and quote due date
  • Identification of TPA and their length of service for the Applicant

Loss Information:

Five years at a minimum required and valued within three months of inception to include:

  • Loss runs or loss summaries by policy year of “ground up” data including total incurred, total paid, expenses, open vs. closed and claim count breakout (medical only & lost time).
  • Detailed breakout of all losses: $50,000 including injury description and result.

Employee Concentration:

The excess WC coverage applicant must provide a breakdown of their entire self-insured workplace as follows:

  • Total employee count in each self-insured state
  • Total employee count and complete street address, city, state and zip code for each self-insured location with a breakdown by shift

Additional excess WORKERS COMPENSATION Items to Note:

Estimated Renewal Payroll

  • The applicants’ estimated renewal payroll needs to be submitted by state and by class code (with a brief description of each class code).

Audited Financial Statement

  • Advise if the applicant is either entering or emerging from Chapter 11 (not applicable to Public Entities)

Aircraft & Watercraft Exposure

  • Completed supplemental applications should be forwarded

Risk Control

  • Specifications of risk control programs including copies of recent inspection reports and completed risk management supplement.

Actuarial Report

  • Forward most recent actuarial study.

Historical Payroll

  • Audited payroll totals (by class code if available) and manual premium (when available) consistent with the applicant’s current operations and concurrent with the policy year loss data supplied. List and explain any mergers, divestitures or acquisitions that are reflected in the historical or estimated payroll data provided.


Group - Renewal Business

Group - New Business

Individual Self-Insureds - Renewal Business

Individual Self-Insureds - New Business

THE MIDLANDS DIFFERENCEWhen coverages and/or premium are similar, this is why more agents and insureds choose MIDLANDS.


Midlands provides a wide range of Risk Management products and services tailored to the insured’s needs and expectations. Our approach integrates clinical resources and business intelligence to deliver superior and measurable results.

Services and benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Training: on-site (driver, active terror/shooter, etc.) and unlimited access to webinars and streaming safety videos*
  • Comprehensive loss analysis
  • Hazard assessment
  • Accident investigation
  • Membership to the Oklahoma Safety Council including access to benefits, discounts and information*
  • Discretionary membership to the National Safety Council
  • Around the clock access to certified safety professionals

*Memberships and training video access are a $20,000 value.


The effectual management of claims, including the catastrophic and complex, is a cornerstone of a successful employee injury benefit program. Our claims management services are led by dedicated experts with decades of successful claims management experience including a staff-physician Medical Director and Registered Nurses.

We provide best outcomes via proven claims management processes and solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Cost containment: medical utilization & review, in-house medical staff, claim/fraud investigation, recovery services
  • Medical audit, including on-site inspection of injured worker, plan of treatment, diagnosis, prognosis
  • Continual review and monitoring of reserves
  • Comprehensive report of loss
  • Preparation and filing of required federal and state documents


As a leader in the employee injury benefits space, Midlands has demonstrated strength, stability & longevity for over 25 years. As one of the nation’s largest & highest performing Excess Workers’ Comp providers, our agents & insureds have peace of mind that their chosen partner in the employee injury benefits space has the long-term ability to be there.

Midlands strength, stability & continued growth & success can be attributed to its leadership team. Proven, experienced industry leaders who are committed to excellence, innovation & developing long-term relationships. Our people, & the value we place on the people we do business with, separates us from the others.