complex casualty & litigation management

Midlands has over 197 years of Complex Casualty and Litigation Management experience across many different lines of insurance with our claims professionals. As individuals, Midland’s examiners have approximately 25 years of experience on average.  This vast amount of experience allows Midlands to handle niche complex matters, in addition to effective and aggressive management of litigation matters.

The majority of Midlands Claims Management involves high exposures and complex coverage issues. Our staff excels in identifying proper tenders and accepts the tender when warranted, as well as denying the tender when warranted. Midlands is aggressive in seeking avenues for the Named Insured to tender claims to potentially responsible parties. This experience allows Midlands to effectively manage these complex matters with potential high exposure and still allow for the best outcome to our clients and their insureds.

Areas of Expertise within Litigation Management & Complex Casualty Claims

  • Catastrophic Claim Management
  • High Profile Claims with Large Potential Exposure
  • Construction Defect
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Litigation Management (suits with multiple parties and counsel involved)

Our Standard

Our claims professionals offer “Beyond Coverage” service and look for ways to bring about prompt, fair and efficient investigations that minimize exposure while partnering with our clients to avoid unnecessary costs yet bring in an economical resolution of these exposures.