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Dealerships are unique types of businesses that require a policy tailored for the specific risks involved. This comprehensive DOL policy provides physical damage coverage for franchised and independent dealers. All owned-vehicles including new, used, demos, loaners, floored and non-floored, and service vehicles are eligible. Partner with Midlands for expert assistance tailoring coverages for your client’s unique dealership and/or garage risk.


  • Collision
  • Physical damage
  • Comprehensive
  • Fire and theft
  • False pretense
  • Economic loss
  • Impending damage
  • Specified causes including hail, earthquake, vandalism, transport


  • Must insure 100% value of inventory
  • Multiple deductible options
  • Multiple endorsements and coverage options available for risk customization
  • Limits vary by state and range from $500,000 to $5,000,000 per lot
  • Per vehicle limit available up to $250,000
  • Because Dealers Open Lot provides only physical damage coverage a garage liability policy is needed to protect against liability exposure
  • Stand alone or package
  • Competitive premiums
  • Non-admitted with A Rated Carrier or better


New Car Dealer • Used Car Dealer • New & Used Car Dealer • RV Dealer • Wholesaler/Broker • ATV Dealer • Trailer Dealer • Motorcycle Dealer • Heavy Truck Dealer • Others Considered


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